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In this blog amazing energy technologies will be described


  • Optimising the energy demand of my room

    13 März 2014

    In the past weeks I measured my energy demand in my room, how much I use and how I tried to optimise it. All began when I realized that I did not switch off my amplifier when going to bed. It is connected with my Laptop and my CD Player so that I can...

  • Façade of a house with microalgae

    12 November 2013 ( #Buildings, #Electricity production, #Heating )

    In this post the new technology from the north of Germany, Hamburg, is described. Here algae are used for harvesting heat and electricity. Sometimes energy production can be a bit abstract as you just see an engine, some pipes and hear some noise. With...

  • Heating with ice

    12 November 2013 ( #Heating, #Water )

    This technology is similar to the one described in the article "(Sea)Water used for heating purposes". Have you ever heard about heating a house with ice? That’s what a company in the south of Germany is advertising. Several houses already use this system,...

  • Underwater kites

    12 November 2013 ( #Electricity production, #Water )

    This post deals with the new idea to use the energy within water streams. To harvest the energy within these streams kites will be used. The flow of oceans and water streams is very steady and in contrast to wind and solar radiation very predictable....

  • Energy Efficient Window

    12 November 2013 ( #Buildings, #Water )

    This post is about a technology which was developed in Canada, at the University of Toronto. Some researchers made a decision to look into the area of how to decrease the loss of energy over windows. As this accounts currently for around 40% of the building...

  • Self healing solar panel

    12 November 2013 ( #Solar, #Electricity production )

    This post is about a technology from the MIT in USA and it has similarities with the technique described above as it was inspired by nature. Solar panels have the disadvantage that their efficiency decreases over time. The main reason for this is that...

  • Energy saving paint

    18 November 2013 ( #energy efficiency, #Buildings )

    This post is about a product which can be used inside buildings to save money. Have you ever heard of energy saving paints? If not you might be interested in getting to know that these exist and how they work. When I visited the energy fair in Frankfurt...

  • Shower system saves 90% of water and 80% of energy

    17 November 2013 ( #energy efficiency, #Water )

    An amazing technology was invented by a Swedish company this year, which can save the customers a lot of money. It is related to the use of water for having a shower. In a normal household the water is heated by the heating system and then pumped to the...

  • Dance floor creates electricity

    06 Dezember 2013

    This technology is around for a longer time and was invented in the Netherlands. In 2007 the company was founded after making research on the sustainable dancefloor. Since then the idea has spread around the globe and 2012 the company got the projects...

  • Solar evaporation with nanoparticles

    12 November 2013 ( #Water )

    In 2012 a new technology was invented by the Rice University in the USA. Here steam is produced by using nanoparticles. This technique is meant to be implemented in the sanitation and water purification process. For quite a long time humans produce steam...

  • Wind turbine produces water

    12 November 2013 ( #Water )

    And here is again a post about water. As there are people on earth with limited access to tap water new technologies to purify water or produce water in some kind of way become very handy. Some people say that the next war will be about tap water. This...

  • Controlling the light for interior lightning

    12 November 2013 ( #Solar )

    Lightning of commercial buildings consume up to 21 percent of electricity consumption. As this is quite high a new technology developed in the University of Cincinnati (USA) can change this. The new technology is called SmartLight and will be described...

  • Sailing boat for energy production

    21 Januar 2014

    A very interesting concept for energy production came up at the University of Regensburg in Germany. The idea is that sailing boats are used to produce electricity which is stored in form of hydrogen. Until now it is still under consideration and research...

  • Radiative Sky Cooling

    21 September 2017 ( #cooling, #energy efficiency, #Buildings, #Solar )

    In this post the technology of the radiative sky cooling will be described. In this month (09/2017) an article was published in which the Stanford university claimed that they invented a cooling system, in which the costs for cooling could be reduced...

  • Waste heat from servers

    15 August 2017 ( #energy efficiency, #Heating, #Buildings )

    After a longer idle time I decided to reactivate this blog. In this article the topic is the waste heat of servers and how it can be used. Since the past years the quantity of servers increased due to the increasing amount of data, cloud computing and...

  • Generating electricity from gravity-fed drinking water pipes

    10 November 2017 ( #Water, #Electricity production )

    This post is about a technology created by the company LucidEnergy in Portland, USA. The main idea is to use a energy source which is available 24/7 and does not harm the environment. One of these sources are the pipes which transport the drinking water...

  • Storing electricity under water

    05 Dezember 2017 ( #energy efficiency, #energy storage )

    This post deals with a similar technique described for in my blog some time ago for storing electricity. It deals with an under water storage, in which water is stored in a balloon of concrete. It is an investigation project in which the Fraunhofer Institut...

  • Smart Windows - Vestaxx

    17 November 2017

    In this post a technique will be described which I came across recently. This technology was developed in Germany, Berlin. With this technology the windows of the homes will function as a heating device. As this device can be controlled via mobile phone...

  • Solar power pack - Heat pump combined with solar

    07 Januar 2018

    This post deals with a technology from Germany. It combines a new developed heat pump with a solar roof system. Another great advantage of this system is that it is nearly invisible. Some people might think that a solar system on a roof does not really...

  • Solar energy at night

    14 Januar 2018

    In this post a technology will be described how solar panels can produce energy at night. The technology was developed between the DLR (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt) and the Linde AG. It uses energy storages which based on phase changing...

  • Solar thermal and photovoltaic in one panel

    02 Februar 2018

    This post is about a panel which combines the photovoltaic and the solar thermal technique. Normally owners of a house had to decide how they want to use their roof, either of putting solar cells onto it or installing a solar thermal energy system on...

  • Storing solar energy for decades

    12 November 2018

    This post deals with a new technology from Sweden. After the great summer in Europe with its hot days it is now cold again and the heat from the various heating device is needed again emitting CO2 - emissions. It would be nice if you could transport the...

  • Efficient wave power system

    20 November 2018

    This post deals with a new Swedish technology which converts wave power more efficiently into electricity. It is tested at the Orkney Islands in Scotland and provides a great opportunity for places with high waves altitutes as it uses buoys. The technology...

  • Energy storage - underwater balloons

    27 August 2017

    In this post a technology will be described which can be used to save energy. As there are times when e.g. windfarms produce so much energy that the grid can not take the load the energy need to be saved somewhere (or the windfarm has to stop producing...

  • Gravitiy lamp

    17 August 2017

    This post deals with the gravity light. The one illustrated in this blog was invented 2013. It can be used off grid, so it can be used in developing countries and place which lack the supply of electrictiy. Normally they use petroleum lamps instead which...

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