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Optimising the energy demand of my room

Veröffentlicht von Claus Diekötter auf 13. März 2014, 18:32pm

In the past weeks I measured my energy demand in my room, how much I use and how I tried to optimise it.

All began when I realized that I did not switch off my amplifier when going to bed. It is connected with my Laptop and my CD Player so that I can listen to music.
But that I forget to switch it off each night was quite disturbing and I wanted to know how much can be saved when the amplifier is switched off over night.

In the internet I found a plug assembly which can be controlled via USB. I bought this one in combination with a measuring facility and started several weeks of measuring my power demand of my room, where I changed the test structure after the second week (see the reason below).

In the first week I measured how much energy I was using when I did not switch off my facilities and use it over 24h per day. The facilities measured were printer, computer, amplifier and CD-Player. Here the measured value was 6,09 kWh.

In the second week I switched off the amplifier over night, while the measured facilities remained the same. The value decreased on 4,64 kWh.

I made further investigations. As the measuring facility displays the current power demand I was interested in how much power the computer, amplifier, CD-Player etc are consuming when they are sitched on, in Stand-by mode and when they are switched off.
The table below illustrates my findings.

After finding out that my printer and my keyboard are consuming electricity although they are switched off, I changed the positions and the setting of what I was measuring.
The printer was completey removed from the fuse. But as I wanted to know how much electricity I was using I put the measuring facility so that I can measure everything what I consume. Therefore in the third and fourth week the consumption was measured from the computer, amplifier, light on desk and the CD-Player. The time was switched off again from 1am to 9am. The result of the third week was a consumption of 4,37 kWh

In the fourth week I only consumed 3,94 kWh. But this is most probably due to my higher awareness so that I pay attention that I switch off my equipments when I do not use it.

So how can these findings help you to safe electricity:

  • First of all get to know your consumption with a measuring facility for power. In some countries you can borrow them from energy companies, otherwise you can buy them in a shop.
  • Go and find consumers in your home, which consume electricity although they are switched off (like my printer and my keyboard).
  • Use a plug facility which you can switch off via a circuit breaker.
  • Place the plug facility within your eyesight, near your work place. My amplifier is in a rack near the bottom of my room. Therefore it is easy to forget that this device is still switched on
  • Be aware that these finding are increasing the energy efficiency but do not necessary lead to high savings. In this example the saving per year would be (first week - fourth week) *52 weeks = (6,09 kWh - 3,94 kWh)*52 = 111,8 kWh. With a tariff of 28 ct/kWh you would lose 3,15 € per year, if you do not do anything and keep everything like it is. But if you find several places with stand-by usage and switch off the saving would be higher.
USB plug device

USB plug device

Result first week

Result first week

Results of measuring the devices

Results of measuring the devices

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