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News about the desertec project

Veröffentlicht von Claus Diekötter auf 22. Januar 2014, 20:38pm

Yesterday I went to a lecture about the desertec project in Kiel, Germany. This speech was about the economic and political impacts for the involved countries and was organized by the Institute for World Economy and the CAU (Chrisitan-Albrecht University).

The desertec project is about providing electricity in the desert of the north African countries. The techniques which are going to be used are photovoltaics, CSP (centralised solar power) and wind turbines.
The idea behind the location is that the sun radition in the desert is much higher than for example in Germany, 2,700 kWh/(m²*a) (desert) to 800 - 1,300 kWh/(m²*a).

The institute calculated with a simulation programm that all countries of North Africa would benefit from the implementation of this project. In total 800,000 jobs would be created in Morokko, Egypt, Saudi- Arabia, Spain and Germany.

The essential conditions for this is a global climate policy and an export possibility for the produced electricity for the North African states. The last one is very important for Morokko, which is estimated to can produce 350 TWh with an investment of 6 bn euros. This produced energy will be mostly exported according to the institute.
In comparison according to the institute Egypt has a potential of 850 TWh with the investment of 20 bn euros. This energy is mostly used in the country itself.

The implementation of this project would have a high impact on the economy not only on the African one, but also on the European market.

Although some reference projects were launched in Morokko and Egypt according to the lecturer there are problems in the leading team about the realization of this project. Let's see what will happen to that project in the future.

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