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Shower system saves 90% of water and 80% of energy

Veröffentlicht von Claus Diekötter auf 17. November 2013, 22:05pm

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An amazing technology was invented by a Swedish company this year, which can save the customers a lot of money. It is related to the use of water for having a shower. In a normal household the water is heated by the heating system and then pumped to the shower head. After reaching the bottom of the shower it will run into the sewer system and new water has to be heated up to fall from the shower head. Therefore a 10-minutes shower will consume roughly 150 liter of water.

The new technology will reduce the consumption drastically. The idea is to run the water in a loop. The water which reaches the bottom of the shower is already heated up, which means that it could be reused easily, when it is cleaned in the first place.

For this purpose a new patented technology is used, which cleans off the water instantly. It is not revealed exactly how the technology actually works, but the patent speaks about a prefilter for large materials like sand and hair. Another primary filter is used which is made of nano-ceramic material. These can trap viruses and other small particles.
Another method which could be implied for this technology is the use of cilantro. This is a plant which is known for its biosorbant characteristics. It is very good in taking metals like lead out of the water.

Anyway, the process it so fast and good that at the end the water meets drinking water criteria. It is much cleaner than the actual tap water.
As it is so fast, there is hardly a need for reheating the water, which reduces the need for energy. After the shower is finished the water is discarded normally through the drain. Therefore this system only uses 5 liter of water for a 10 minutes shower, which are pumped in a loop.

On the financial side the company claims that $1000 can be saved with this new technology each year. In Sweden this system is already in place at the Ribersborgs Open-air Bath. Here just two showers were changed to this new system and 100.000 Liter were saved during Summer 2013.

The idea came to the PhD-student because of his question how astronauts deal with the low amount of freshwater in space. As the technology already exists for in the space industry it is quite a surprise why it is not already widespread on Earth for 'normal' residents. With such a high potential the climate change, carbon dioxide emissions and so on can be tackled easily.

"The motivation is to be smart about how we use our planet's resources." Inventor of this new technology, Mehrdad Mahdjoubi.


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Shower system saves 90% of water and 80% of energy
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