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Rock music improves efficiency of solar panels

Veröffentlicht von Claus Diekötter auf 24. November 2013, 19:41pm

Many humans like to listen to rock and pop music, which can improve their output due to impact of the great songs. Scientists of the Queen Mary University and the Imperial College of London have shown that solar cells response to this type of music as well.

The researchers built solar cells which convert solar radiation as well as sound waves into electricity. The energy within sound waves can be converted with the so called piezoelectic effect. This describes the occurance of a current in solid materials when they are exposed to stress.
Exactly this is done when the solar cells are exposed to rock and pop music.

In this test the researcher attached an zinc oxide layer to a normal solar cell. As zinc oxide is an element which is a piezoelement they started to test which sound and music have the best result on the efficiency.

The result was that rock and pop music has the best directly after classic music. This is due to the fact that in rock music there is more high frequent sound than in other type of music. Beats, as they last only for short time and are low in frequency, do not have that high effect like rock music.

With the exposure to this music the efficiency could be improved by 40%. In addition to that the volume of the music was around 75dB which is comparable to a busy road.

This study will have an influence on appliances like air conditioner and other technical equipment which is used in a noisy environment. For example train or bus stations and central places can be used with this new technology.

Zinc oxide solar cells are expensive in production. There is a lot of research going on in regards to spray-on solar cells. When the solar cells can convert the sound waves of the surroundings as well into electricity they might become cheaper.


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